Database of Electricity Rates and Usage

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Learn about electricity in local regions across the United States. We provide data-driven snapshots of electricity rates and usage for thousands of local areas throughout the country.

What we do

We gather open data about electricity and other utilities for local regions throughout the U.S. We then, in turn, create snapshots for each individual region to help paint as clear a picture as possible. We analyze all data on a specific region to then transform the regional data into useful summaries.

As a comprehensive local electricity guide for areas across the country, we provide region-specific information on electricity and other related utilities. This local focus takes understanding of electricity consumption and usage to the next level, so that you can make wise decisions regarding your utility choices.

Electric power lines

What data we gather

Currently, we gather the majority of our utility data fromt the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Data from the U.S. Census Bureau is also included in our summaries and estimates. Our list of data sources in constantly expanding, which allows us to keep improving our local snapshots of individual regions.

What we do with our data

Some data that we obtain is simply gathered and then published to give a clear visualization to users. Other data is combined and analyzed in proprietary ways to generate estimates and dive deeper in statistical values that combine to create useful summaries.

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