ZIP Code 02206 Electricity Data

Electricity Rates and Usage in Boston, MA (02206)


A Detailed Snapshot of Electricity in the ZIP Code 02206

Electricity rate and other detailed data about ZIP Code 02206 (Boston, MA) in Suffolk County. Learn electricity statistics about ZIP Code 02206 in the United States. Compare commercial, industrial and residential electricity rates in 02206 to those in Massachusetts and also in the entire U.S. Additionally, view data on both historical and current electricity usage in this Suffolk County region.

Electricity Rates in ZIP Code 02206

View the charts and tables below for a snapshot of how electricity rates in ZIP Code 02206 (Boston, MA) compare to rates in Massachusetts and to the U.S. overall.

Monthly Electricity Rates Comparison

Line chart displaying residental electricity rates for ZIP Code 02206, the U.S. and Massachusetts. This chart visualizes the comparison between the three groups. kWh: Kilowatt-hour

Residential Electricity Rates in 02206

ZIP Code 02206 vs. Massachusetts vs. U.S.

See the table below for a comparison of residential, commercial, and industrial electricity rates in ZIP Code 02206, Massachusetts, and also in the U.S. as a whole.

Region Residential Commercial Industrial
ZIP Code 02206 no data¢/kWh no data¢/kWh no data¢/kWh
United States

All Electricity Rates in ZIP Code 02206

Bar chart displaying an electricity comparison for ZIP Code 02206. This visualizes rates in 02206 compared to both the U.S. and Massachusetts. kWh: Kilowatt-hour

Electricity Usage in ZIP Code 02206

View the charts and tables below for electricity usage estimates and comparisons for ZIP Code 02206. See how this Suffolk County region compares to other regions in Massachusetts.

Sorry, electricity usage data for ZIP Code 02206 is not currently available. Please check back later.

Electricity FAQs for ZIP Code 02206


What is the average residential electricity rate in ZIP Code 02206?

According to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the average residential electricity rate in ZIP Code 02206 in Suffolk County in Massachusetts is no data¢/kWh.

* All electricity rates and electricity usage data referenced here originate from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and/or the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Estimates utilize regional U.S. Census Bureau data along with regional NREL and/or EIA data.

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